Channel manager is the software which manages online distribution channels in order to sell hotel inventory to various agents online. Channel management allows you to partner with large agents, such as OTAs (Online Travel Agencies, like,, Expedia……),as well as smaller retail agents in different markets.

Property Channel Manager is a system that updates the availability and rates of
a Property directly to major OTAs and retrieves all reservations, it makes easy for
the Property to sell its rooms online, no more overbookings and rate parity issues.


Online room distribution can be stressful: keep track of all that channels all at once?
Manage your hotel inventory with no stress. Set the rates, set the availability and that’s it. Increase booking and revenues across every single channel with one click!
Stop stressing TERMINAL24 take care about it !

Easy distribution

Distribution on many different channels can stress you, but Channel Manager makes you manage all the distribution system with a single click: set the rates all at once on OLTAs, GDS, IDS, wholesalers, mobile apps, major metasearches and even social networks. Stop stressing about rates, visibility and rate parity!

No overbooking

No more guests complaining because your hotel is full. Channel manager will check that your room inventory is synchronized on all channels. Every time your booking engine gets a reservation, its 2-way XML technology updates availability on all the other channels and reverse. Finally you can be STRESS FREE.